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Navigating the Future of Gastroenterology

The continuing technical innovation and the development of new highly performing devices and instruments have led to a progressive and steady growth of Digestive Endoscopy.

Endoscopy procedures have nowadays a central and crucial role in the management of digestive diseases in all medical settings. Novel and advanced technologies along with the development of artificial intelligence systems contribute to further expanding Digestive Endoscopy both in diagnosis and treatment of a vast majority of digestive disease conditions.

The ENDOMED 2024 project was designed and implemented to offer a comprehensive update on different topics of clinical impact and emerging relevance in the field of clinical gastroenterology and digestive endoscopy.

Aim of ENDOMED 2024 is to promote and disseminate advances in clinical and technological innovation in digestive endoscopy with the final goal of facilitating growth of a common cultural and technical background of the different clinical gastroenterology organizations operating in the Mediterranean area.

Connected Endoscopy Suites

Embarking on a journey across the Mediterranean, the ENDOMED 2024 initiative seamlessly integrates renowned centers across the region. Distinguished hubs, strategically positioned in Egypt, France, Italy, Lebanon, Maroc, Spain, and Turkey, collectively contribute to the advancement of Digestive Endoscopy on a global scale.

These esteemed centers, marked on our map below, represent pillars of excellence in the field. Their participation in this network emphasizes the collaborative spirit that defines ENDOMED 2024. Each location stands as a beacon of cutting-edge expertise, fostering innovation and best practices in Digestive Endoscopy.

By engaging with these diverse centers, participants gain access to a rich tapestry of clinical experiences and perspectives. This interconnected network provides a unique opportunity for professionals to establish meaningful connections, facilitating the exchange of knowledge and skills.

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